Monday, August 2, 2010

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago: Tuesday, Free Admission!

So far this summer has a been nice mix of local activities, a bit of travel, and occasional trips into the city of Chicago. On one of my more recent trips into the city, I took our 7 year old son to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art for the first time. It was a great experience in many ways:

1) We went to the museum on a Tuesday, which is Free Admission day, all day long!!!

2) Alexandar Calder's work is on exhibit and our 7 year old son enjoyed seeing this exhibit--the colors, the scale, the mixed mediums, the story behind his work. I loved it, too.

3) We were able to have lunch with my hubbie in the city that same day.

4) Did I mention that it was Free Admission Day?! This was key to our day because, while our son did enjoy the museum, he was also ready to leave in a relatively short period of time, so free admission made it a very worthwhile trip.

All around, there is some really interesting, thought provoking, and beautiful art going on at the MOCA, Chicago. I highly recommend putting Free Tuesday at the Museum of Contemporary Art on your summer fun "to-do list!"