Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Fridays Are Just Like That

So, before I even finished my first cup of coffee this morning. Hmmm, wait a minute. Having just written this sentence, I realize this statement could be the very reason why this happened in the first place...

The bad news is that the entire blender full of carrot-orange juice with blueberry and banana smoothie I was making earlier for my breakfast exploded ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. I mean, every square inch of our tiny kitchen, and most things in it are covered with it--the walls, the floor, the counter top, the toaster, the blender, and the coffee pot. Two paper towel rolls later, and, at last, it finally doesn't smell like I harvested a bounty of organic carrots from our kitchen floor!

The good news is that seeing all of these rich colors blended together--bright orange with bits of dark blue--gives me some great ideas for Fall jewelry designs!

There's that silver lining...okay, I need some coffee, now.

Happy Friday, and hope everyone has a great weekend!